Madrid never runs out of Taxis.

Taxi service in Madrid

Madrid taxi companies include Radio Telefono Taxi, Gremia, Tele Taxi, Radio Mercedes Madrid, and Radio Taxi Independiente among others so with this fact, you will learn that taxis in Madrid are plenty. They are also reasonably-priced and for the record, taxi drivers are also fairly honest.

It is easy to identify cabs in Madrid as they are painted in either white or black with red band and on the side a badge of Madroño tree and a bear, which are the symbols of the city. You can easily hail them on the streets or pick one on specific taxi stands. The green light on the cab’s roof indicates that they are free (libre).
The flag down rate starts at 1.75€, every kilometer thereafter is pegged at 1.25€.
For city taxi, you can dial 91-447-51-80.

What You Need to Know When You Take Madrid Taxi

If you take taxi from the airport it is recommended that you use official taxi ramps otherwise you will be an easy prey to taxis looking for an easy rip off. Also, don’t put your luggage in the back seat but instead place it inside the trunk aka boot because luggage inside the taxi has extra charge.

Taxi drivers typically have 12-hour shifts so expect drivers to be a little quirky sometimes. You will determine if the taxi is available through the dual system: the green and the placard system. If you see the green light, that taxi is available and if the placard, located in the front windscreen shows the word “ocupado” it is not available.

There is also a placard being posted in the taxi that says the destination of the taxi and this means the taxi can only bring you to the destination stated in the placard.

Dealing with Unfair Taxi Fares

Madrid taxi cannot simply cheat you with the fares you pay because once you realize you are being overcharged you can ask for an itemized receipt including the supplements (the added metered fare at end of the trip: airport 5€, train stations such as Atocha and Chamartin 2.50€, and Ifema /Parque de las Naciones 2.50€). The taxi number should also be included in the receipt which you will submit to the Madrid Council. The Madrid Council will investigate and refund the excess fare that you paid for.

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