Madrid Metro

Madrid metro is a very reliable metro network and the Atocha train station (located in south of Madrid) is Madrid metro’s key link to connect in every corner of the city’s capital. The train station in Atocha is an attraction itself with a huge tropical garden located in the center of the station’s main hall—and the entire building of Atocha station is also known as a popular Madrid monument.

Madrid’s underground train system will help you travel anywhere on the metro and the ticket individual price will cost you 2 euros. You can use the metro ticket everyday of the week as a single journey ticket to connect to any zone of the network. Your metro ticket also entitles you to take an EMT bus during your journey. You can purchase your metro ticket at any ticket office or you can use the automatic ticket machine.


The Cheapest Way to Travel in Madrid Metro

You can still travel cheap on Madrid metro which offers a fast and very efficient means of transportation. If you are playing practical, you can buy Metrobús 10 journey ticket which entitles you to 10 journeys on any metro line located in zone A. Using your Metrobús 10 ticket you can also take the EMT bus.

Another cheap way to travel cheap is by purchasing Tourist Travel Pass or Abono Turistico which gives you unlimited travel as you take all forms of public transportation within Madrid or the surrounding autonomous region. So if you think you will be staying in Madrid for at least a week then, Tourist Travel Pass is a good way to go.

For your information, Metro is divided into four zones: A, B1, B2, and B3. If you want you can also buy 10 journey tickets for zones B1, B2, and B3 but for the record, major Madrid attractions lie on zone A while zones B1 and B3 are at the outskirts of the city.


Using Madrid Metro Tickets

If you are going to pass turnstiles or the platform you have to pass your ticket through the machine at metro entrance to check the validity of the ticket as it prints the date and time at the back of the ticket. After that, you should retrieve the ticket so you can pass through the turnstile.

You have to take care of your metro ticket as well because once it get scratched, damaged, or creased it may now work. If you encounter some problems regarding your ticket you can always inquire at the ticket desk. You will know that you ticket is not functioning when you read: El ticket no funciona. If the desk clerk checks your ticket it can still be replaced with a new one and you can use the journeys you haven’t taken yet.

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