Bus Tours

Bus Tours in Madrid

Most hotels in Madrid will offer to book guests for a guided bus tour around the city. Many of them book with Pullmantours (Address: Plaza de Oriente 8 / Phone: 91-541-18-07), which is one of the largest tour operators in the city. A half-day tour around Madrid with the tour operator is charged at 39€ per person; this already includes entrance fees to the museums covered in the tour. They also offer a panoramic half-day tour which costs 22€ per person.

If you prefer a hop on, hop off tour (allowing you to set your own itinerary and pace), choose the Madrid Vision Bus. It has a scheduled panoramic tour which could last for half an hour, provided that you do not get off the bus. Every day, the bus has four complete tours; two in the morning, and another two in the afternoon. Tour costs 17€ per person. You can also call Trapsa Tours (Phone: 91-767-17-43) for tour schedules.

Organized bus tours in Madrid allow you to explore Madrid efficiently – with no time wasted. If you want to make the most of your stay in Madrid, this is one tour you should consider.

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