People that want to learn Spanish have several reasons to choose Madrid for their courses.

As the capital of Spain, the city has many inhabitants from other Spanish cities and from all Latin American countries, what makes possible for students to compare the different accents and cultures in the same place. Students will also find amazing cultural alternatives to complement their studies, as Madrid is home of the most important theaters, museums and libraries in Spain.

Temple in Madrid

The relationship between Madrid and the Spanish language dates from a long time ago. From the 15th the city was home of some of the most important writers of all time, such as Miguel de Cervantes, Calderon de la Barca, Francisco Quevedo and many others. This relationship resulted in one of the most prolific intellectual scenes of the whole Europe for centuries, and still today the city is a world reference in art, language and culture in general.

Because Madrid is located in the geographical center of Spain, has the main airport (Barajas – Adolfo Suarez) and the most important roads and train stations (including high velocity trains), it’s easy to travel from Madrid to any other part of the country. It makes possible for foreigners to combine their courses in Madrid with courses in other cities within the same stay.

Many events and trade fairs are held in Madrid every year, some related to languages, teaching and learning in general. These events offer opportunities for professionals of all sectors – and specially for those working in the education industry – to find new ways to do business and establish partnerships with other companies.

Of of course Madrid also offers dozens of Spanish schools, with one of the biggest varieties of courses for all wishes and pockets. These schools receive thousands of students from all over the world yearly, from children to seniors. It is also home of the Instituto Cervantes, the official institution of the government to promote the language abroad.

 TANDEM Madrid Spanish School

If you’re looking for a good place to start your learning, check out TANDEM Madrid Spanish school. They’re an unique institution both in the human and didactic aspects. People who seriously want to learn Spanish can find at Tandem a creative, fun and innovative environment, where they can fully develop their speaking competencies while enjoying the best things the city has to offer. Tandem Madrid has been a reference both for teachers and students for over 30 years,and has Spanish courses in Madrid for all types of learners.

Watch Tandem’s corporate video in Youtube for a better insight of the school:

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