Day Trips

Day Trips

Madrid is not all about tall buildings. When you come here for a vacation, you can expect to see several remarkable spots. In fact, there are numerous Madrid day trips that you can visit and if you want to seize your stay here you have to know them all so that you will be able to pick the best spot for you to go to.


Make a Remarkable Tour in Madrid

If you only have a limited time to spend for a vacation here in Madrid, you will surely have a hard time in choosing the particular day trip that you should buy at the time you arrive here. So then, you may ask as to what is the best choice? Which among the numbers of day trips are you going to select if this is your case?

There are only two best day trips that you should consider—Segovia and Toledo. Unfortunately, you cannot totally rely on the accuracy of the commentaries posted on Internet forums. For you to know the right day trip to go to, you need to be oriented about the place so you can select the right one for yourself.


Two Main Madrid Day Trips

Segovia is quite farther from Madrid; you can take train, car, or bus if you want to get into this place. Here, you can expect to see a cathedral constructed with Gothic style, Roman aqueduct, traditional Castillan Cuisine, medieval old town, and lots of mountains. When you plan to come here, be sure to make it during the week—the best time suggested for travelers and tourists.

Toledo on the other hand is quite nearer to Madrid—only about 50 km away from the city. Here, you can see several monuments of Moorish, Christian, and Jewish. And when you visit this place, be sure not to miss the world’s largest church named as Cathedral as well as the hilltop fortress called as Alcazaar.


More Selections for Day Trips in Madrid

If in case you have more time to roam around in Madrid; then, you will be privileged to visit the other ideal spots for day trips in this city. One of which is the El Escorial, this is a monastery and a palace constructed by Philip II. This place presents a dramatic site close to the mountains.

Another spot that you should not miss is the Valle de los Caidos also called as the Valley of the Fallen. Here, you can see a monument dedicated to the victims during the Spanish Civil War.

You may search online for more information about the mentioned spots for Madrid day trips. There are still several places that you can consider. Look for the best spots that can catch your interest and the ones that are near to your location ideally.

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