Explore Madrid

The Spanish capital almost has it all: rich and interesting history, gorgeous architecture, delicious cuisine, warm and welcoming people, and numerous attractions. But before you pack your bags and fly to Madrid, you must first come up with a good travel plan.

Explore Madrid

Visiting Madrid may drive you crazy because of the numerous attractions that will overwhelm you. So planning your trip well is always a good idea to avoid all hassles such as arriving at the wrong hotel, offending locals due to cultural differences, waiting forever for public transport, and getting lost in translation. Hassles are part of the experience, but they can spoil the fun sometimes.

Planning your trip well ahead of time will let you to maximize your stay and enjoy all the activities you do. For example, getting familiar with city transportation will make your travel efficient. Transport by bus and metro is frequent and extremely efficient. Another good thing about the city transportation is that there are more and more facilities especially for travelers with disabilities.

Despite the fact that Madrid has about 6 million people, and traffic congestion is as terrible as in any megacity, Madrid is a surprisingly easy and relaxing place to get around in. So careful planning is the key to an enjoyable holiday. And coming up with a sound itinerary will make everyday a fun-packed day.


We design this Planning Your Trip section to help you plan your travel to the beautiful Spanish capital and make the most of your vacation time. From airports and metro stations to finding a budget accommodation and staying safe.

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