Madrid may always be in the shadows of Barcelona with the latter’s more fashionable and more fancy image, however, despite its more snobbish image, the gay life in Madrid is a tad more colourful and fun than that in Barcelona. With more guys, smiling, flirting and having fun in the city, Madrid has been an insider tip for the party guys coming from all over Europe.

With the progressive laws in Madrid with regards to anti-discrimination and gay marriage, Madrid was picked in 2007 to host the EuroPride that year. With over a million participants every year, Madrid has become the center of the parade, making it the most colourful and hottest gay pride parade all throughout Europe.

Held every first Saturday after June 28, the Madrid Gay Parade which is also known as the Orgullo Gay, is organized by the Madrid GLTB Collective also referred to as COGAM. The very first gay parade in the city was held after Franco’s death, which also marked the arrival of democracy in the city. Among the companies supporting the parade are Google, Microsoft, and Schweppes. As the biggest gay demonstration in the continent, gay parade in Madrid also features hundreds of events for over a week. The city’s gay district, Chueca, which is also Europe’s biggest gay district, becomes the center of the celebration in Madrid. With support from the city government as well as the national and regional government and private sectors, Madrid gay parade is always financially successful.

Aside from the parade, which is participated by hundreds of LGBT groups every year, Madrid gay parade events also include a week of white party, sound festival, a Mediterranean cruise, and circuit festival.

Gay or not, the Gay Parade in Madrid will make any visit to the city more meaningful and unforgettable. So get on with your party clothes and be one with the LGBT community in celebrating their freedom and supporting their cause.

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