When to Visit Madrid ?

Visit Madrid

You know there are lots of beautiful spots and there are lots of things to do in Madrid. “why and when to visit Madrid?” you might ask. Well, the answer really would depend what you want to do and what you want to see there.

Going to Madrid on a Budget

If you want to visit Madrid and save on airfare and accommodation, you would have to go during off peak dates. Various airlines and most hotels offer promos during these days so you will end up spending less. This usually happens during the months of January to March when Madrid is relatively cold.

If you want to visit Madrid at its most ideal times, May and October would be the best months for you. These are surely the ideal months for you to explore and discover the beauty of the Spanish capital. Mid-June to August is also a very good time to go to Madrid. Of course, it’s summer so expect to experience very hot weather during this time. It’s a time when locals go out of town. Tourists also love going on autumn so there would be less people in Madrid during these months. Hotels need to fill their rooms so again room rates are bound to be at all-time low at this time.


Attend the Festivities

Madrileños are known to love having a good time. But you will definitely have a different kind of vacation when you attend Madrid Festivals.

For instance, you could time your trip to Madrid for the San Isidro Feast Day happening every May 15. However, you should attend the weeklong celebration in honor of the male patron saint of Madrid.

Other public holidays and feasts that you can absolutely attend in Madrid include, Feast of the Epiphany on January 6, Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19, Feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29, Feast of Saint James on July 25, Feast of the Assumption on August 15 and one of the most awaited holidays in Spain, The Spain’s National Day on October 12.

During this season, you can watch the world renowned Madrid bullfighting that’s participated by the best bullfighters around the world. The rock music awarding ceremony is also held on May 15. But in connection to this, you’ll have a chance to get free entertainment from the many concerts held all day.

There would be BMX and skateboard competitions. Of course, you should also witness the different kind of art shows of graffiti, urban art and photography. Many more things happen during the festivities. And most of all, you should enjoy the street food as well.

There are many more fiestas for you to attend in Madrid. The fiesta of La Paloma is only just another one of them. You can also attend the Carnival week which is usually held 40 days before the Holy Week. It’s a time when most Madrileños are out on the streets in diverse costumes. Of course, the Christmas season is also a good time to visit Madrid. And lastly, you can also come to Madrid for trade fairs.

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