Roman Catholics

Roman Catholicism is the major religion in Spain. As a proof to that are the numerous churches, convents and fiestas that they house and honor through celebrations. And many of these churches, convents and fiestas can be witnessed in Madrid, Spain’s capital and biggest city.

Some of the most stunning cathedrals in the world can be found in Madrid with a variety of architecture designs. The churches and convents in this city are like museums that features works of famous local artists which manifest to the city’s Catholic tradition. You can see the works of Diego Velázquez, King Philip IV’s leading artist in the San Isidro Parish Church or the Basilicas of La Virgen de Atocha. the Church of Del Carmen, the Church of San José, Jesús de Medinaceli, San Ginés, Convent of the Descalzas Reales and the Convent of La Encarnación Jerónimos; Francisco Goya, the Father of Modern Art in San Antonio de la Florida and San Francisco el Grande; and many more. Aside from paintings that illustrate sacred images, the exterior designs of the churches in this city reflect of the Catholic Churches in the past days, sacred and majestic.

In Madrid, many celebrations are also based on their religious devotion. And since Catholicism is the major religion in Spain, a lot of their celebrations are prepared to commemorate a saint or God’s goodwill. Like the feast of San Isidro the Farmer or San Isidro Labrador, the male Patron Saint of Madrid that is known for his kindness towards the poor and animals; the feast of the Virgin of La Paloma, the most beloved patron of Madrid and one of the most traditional celebrations in the city; the feast of the Virgin of La Almudena or the medieval icon of the Virgin Mary, the female Patron Saint of Madrid; Semana Santa or Holy Week, the week o solemn reflection on the events prior to Jesus’ death; the Christmas Day celebration, the yearly commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ; and a lot more.

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