Jews’ history in most if not all the countries that they have settled had been bloody. And the history of Jews in Madrid is much like the history of Jews elsewhere. In 1391, most of Madrid’s Jewish population was cruelly murdered during a riot. As a result, many Jews fled or converted their religion to escape persecution. By the end of July, 1492, the Jewish life in Madrid came to an end when Spain ordered to purify the country’s religion by expelling all Jews and other religions except Catholicism in the country. And to be able to stay in Madrid and other places in Spain, many Jews convert their religion into Christian though they continued practicing their religion in secret. New Christians or Conversos, as what they were called were burned alive at the stake when caught. It was only in the mid–nineteenth century that Jewish people got the permission to re-enter Madrid and the other places in Spain to establish what the Jews community in Spain has today.

As of the moment, Madrid and Barcelona are the two major cities in Spain that accommodate most Jewish population in this country. The recognition of the Jewish community in this county can be manifested by the Federación de Comunidades Judias (FDCJ) which manage most of the Jewish activities in Madrid and other places of Spain. The Jewish communities in Spain are already allowed to maintain several synagogues, kosher restaurants, monuments and other community centers. Like the Beth Yaacov Synagogue, the center of Madrid’s Jewish community that offices of the Jewish Community of Madrid, study and prayer house, recreational area, mikveh (ritual bath) and a lot more; the Congregation Bet-El, that host weekly kabbalat Shabat and other activities; the Naomi Grill Restaurant and la Escudilla, are kosher restaurants that both specialize in Sephardi-style food and many more.

Unfortunately, there are no longer any historical Jewish sites in Madrid. On other hand, few significant Jewish attractions still remain in Madrid. The city also houses a variety of national institutions that hold centuries-old Jewish texts that can be only found here.



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