Religion in Madrid

Madrid religion is a major thing. Well, more than 90% of Madrid’s population is Catholic. So it’s quite expected that Catholicism is widely practiced as the Madrid religion. This is quite evident when you examine their holidays, festivals and other activities.

While the religion was quite conservative centuries ago, you will also observe some amount of liberalization among the people in Madrid today. With the modernization, people learned to integrate what they call fun today with the religion practices.


Fiesta de San Isidro

You will notice that the name of the festival itself is very Catholic already. Visit Madrid in May and you’ll certainly enjoy this week long celebration. San Isidro is the city’s patron saint and the whole Madrid honors him during this festival.

This festival is known for the “Toros” where there are 30 days of bullfighting. All the world’s greatest bullfighters come to Madrid for this occasion. So, it’s really fun to watch.

If you are into rock music, you should not miss the Universimad Premio de Rock. It’s actually an awards event for rock music. But you will enjoy the day long rock concert which is usually participated by the world’s best rock groups.

The Festival of Urban Culture is also held during this week. You get to enjoy a wide range of activities from skateboarding, BMX bicycling to art shows, photography and graffiti. Of course, you will not run out of more concerts to watch.

During this joyous yet religious occasion, you have a choice between enjoying it with alcohol or enjoying it with simple churros and barquillos sold by the street vendors all day and all night long.


The Semana Santa or the Holy Week

Of course, being predominantly Catholic Madrid also celebrates the holy week. If you are there in time for the Semana Santa, Good Thursday and Good Friday are public holidays. You will be able to observe how Madrid commemorates the death of Jesus. Being such, you will see the solemn side of the celebrations in Madrid.

You will see numerous processions as a part of this celebration. Most of the Madrileños would be in prayer especially as Good Friday draws near. But it’s a celebration come Easter as well. This is because Easter Sunday represents the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.


All Saints Day and Feast of the Virgin of Almudena

Well, if you find yourself in Madrid on All Saints Day, you’ll observe people remembering their departed. They will bring flowers to their graveyards and most attend mass as well. But that’s generally it for this public holiday.

On the other hand, the Feast of the Virgin of Almudena is actually the feast of the Virgin Mary. There would be a mass in her honor at the Catedral Almudena. Most people eat out on this occasion so expect more people in the restaurants on that day.

There are more public holidays that are related to the predominant Madrid religion. In fact, a majority of them are feast days. This only goes to show how overwhelmingly Catholic Madrid is.

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