Gran Via

Gran Vía in Madrid


Madrid’s Pride

If you want to have a clear picture of what Madrid has to offer, go and visit Gran Via: the lively street of the city capital you shouldn’t fail to explore.


Gran Via is the Best Place to Shop

The most prominent shopping areas in Madrid are located on the street of Gran Via. Souvenir shops flock the place and so during your last day in Madrid it is best to visit this place as your last destination where you can fritter away your remaining euros. And if you are addicted to shopping items with the biggest brands, then Gran Via is the place to be because the biggest stores are located on this famous street.

The Spanish clothing industry is at its best around Gran Via as you see large chain clothing stores like Zara, Gucci, Hermes, DKNY and H&M and other independent shops gathered in the area. Other shopping items that you will find on Gran Via Street are: shoes with high quality, antiques and second hand items, cheap mementos, and other affordable street items.


Gran Via is the Street in Madrid that Never Sleeps

Apart from a plethora of shopping shops on Gran Via Street, the street also offers lots of hotels, cinemas, and restaurants which serve people and tourists even at 3am to 4am. In fact, it is no longer an unusual condition to experience traffic jams in Gran Via on Saturdays at 3am to 4am.

Gran Via is full of life and full of so many places you shouldn’t fail to visit both in the morning and in the evening since time is not an issue at all. So, you can explore Gran Via anytime you want.


More Striking Architectural Structures on Gran Via

Gran Via is always a crowded street in Madrid because tourists can not get enough of the lavishly decorated magnificent edificios around the street.

Also known as the “Great Road,” Gran Via offers the finest architectural examples of Madrid. You will first have the glimpse of the Calle de Alcala and its most famous landmark named Edificio Metropolis or the Metropolis Building.

Other familiar sights of Gran Via are the Edificio Grassy built in 1917 and the tower of Telefonica Building which was erected between 1926 and 1929. More so, as you continue your Gran Via trip you will be welcomed by two known plazas in Madrid named Plaza del Callao and Plaza de España.

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