History of Madrid

According to Madrid history, it actually became Spain’s capital mostly because of its location. Around 1561, Philip II wanted a symbol to unify the nation. But he needed somewhere central so communications can be faster. And everything is history since then. What you see now is the lively and modern city.

Palacio Real and Prado Museum

You’ll see Madrid history today though. You see it in the structures and architecture in Madrid. You will appreciate each structure as you learn the history behind each of them. So, you should find time to learn it as you marvel over its great architecture.

Palacio Real (Address:  Plaza de Oriente, Near the Plaza Mayor & Puerta del Sol/ Phone: 91-454-87-00), for example, is one of the popular places you should visit while in Madrid. It was built during the reign of the Bourbons in the 18th century. A former residence of kings, this regal structure is just breathtaking to look at.

You will enjoy looking at the nicely decorated rooms. For sure, you’ll love the numerous paintings and sculptures there too. The furniture, the tapestries and even the musical instruments are one of a kind. You’ll also enjoy looking at the glassware and the gold and silverware at the palace.

Prado Museum (Address: Paseo del Prado/ Phone: 91-330-28-00) represents not just culture but history as well. Being one of the greatest art galleries in world, it is a must see for you. You’ll surely be dazzled by the masterpieces of the world’s renowned painters and sculptors. You’ll see the works of the likes of Goya, Velasquez, Rubens, Raphael and Bosch.

The War, Rebuilding Madrid and Madrid Today

Madrid history will tell you that the city was on the rise to developing into an urban city in the 20th century. This was all destroyed during the Spanish civil war in 1930 though. Nevertheless, rebuilding the city was initiated through the modernization model. Madrid surged on to the challenge and never looked back since. Democracy reigned and along with that Madrid grew into what it is today.

Because of the successful rebuilding of the city, you can now enjoy the cafes all around the city. You can laze the afternoon on the street sipping coffee and sampling some delicacies. You can also spend your whole morning and afternoon shopping in modern commercial centers. Just don’t forget to go into the greatest restaurants or grab a quick bite on the streets at lunch.

After lunch when shops are generally closed in Madrid, it’s time to head to the Madrid museums. Come evening, it’s not time to stop yet. Start with some traditional tapas and beers. If you’re still game for it, you can head to the bars and clubs where the parties are at.

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