Madrid, as you surely know, is the capital of Spain and is the largest city of this country. Madrid geography is simple to remember since it is located on the Manzanares River in the region of New Castle, close to the geographic center of Spain. You have no problem about the climate here in case you plan to visit this city because winters are fairly cold and rainy while summers are normally quite hot and dry.


The Geography of Madrid

You would surely love to tour here in Madrid if you love to see preserved habitats and landscapes; you can see a lot of them here. Basically, the geography of Madrid comprises low-lying plains, mountains, and Holm oaks.

Madrid is also for you if you love to explore forests. You can visit the Guadarrama slopes to see dense forests that cloak the area of Pyrenean oak and Scot’s pine. You may also go to the Valle de Lozoya if you would like to see a colony of great black monk vulture including the large flocks of the Spanish Imperial Eagle, which is located at the Park Regional del Suroeste.


Magnificent Spots in the Geography of Madrid

Madrid geography presents a lot of magnificent spots reason why this is often the destination of many vacationers in and out of the country. It features a number of attractive and historical squares too like the Plaza Mayor and Great Plaza, which were previously the site of bullfights and other celebrations.

You may also go to the Plaza del Sol, the meeting place of numerous busiest streets here in Madrid. When you come here, you can also go beneath the plaza to see the chief transport point of the subway system. As well, you can catch memorable photos in the most outstanding landmarks of this city, the Royal Palace, where the monument of Philip V stands.


More Outstanding Locations in Madrid

There are more locations here in Madrid that you can visit like parks. One park that you will surely love to visit is the Parque Del Retiro near the Prado. This park is one of the most notable parks here in Madrid that was constructed as the foundation of a royal palace in the 17th century.

If you like to experience another side of Madrid apart from the place where artistry lies, you may also go to its flea market, the El Rastro. Here, you can buy different sorts of goods like antiques. Apparently, Madrid geography beholds both scenic views and spots that are catchy both in the eyes of many tourists and its dwellers.

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