Empadronamiento in Madrid

When you live in Madrid, the law requires you to register with your community’s padrón, the official record of the people who live in a community and is one way to accredit or verify your stay in Madrid. By law, everyone who resides in Spain should be registered in the community where they live. This process is known as empadronamiento.

In practice, this process is your key to becoming a true blue resident of your Madrid community. You can apply either as an individual or as a family. You should register with your local padron to get numerous benefits.



When you get empadronado, you are considered an official member of your community. This is one of your first steps to integration into Madrid. The empadronamiento also is the way that your residence or stay or residence in the city is verified, a necessity for various administrative procedures.

Generally, you will need a certificado de empadronamiento in Madrid for the following: enrolling your children in local academic institutions, getting married, applying for a local health card, voting, applying for certain visas, and applying for residency by means of a general amnesty.

The city receives government money to provide services to every person living within its jurisdiction. This means if you are empadronado, the city gets money to provide you services. For this reason, registration with the padrón is very confidential.


Getting empadronado in Madrid

Getting registered is a question of gathering together all the required documents and filling out a form. Considering the overwhelming amount of bureaucracy needed for other official procedures, the process of empadronamiento is quite painless.

Once you have the documents with you and complete the form, it may take you about an hour to wait in line at your local junta in Madrid, have your application processed, and get the volante de empadronamiento.

You can apply in person. You may also want to apply on the Internet or by phone, depending on where your place of residence is.

Empadronamiento in Madrid

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