With its picturesque setting and relaxing atmosphere, it is actually not a surprise to see Madrid even in Hollywood big screens. Here are a few Hollywood flicks with scenes shot entirely or partly in Madrid. You may have known it already or would be surprised of not noticing it.

Deception (2008)

Starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, and Ewan Mc Gregor, it is a drama/thriller film directed by Marcel Langenegger. The story tells of an accountant “introduced to a mysterious sex club” called The List by his friend who is a lawyer. In this new world, he unfortunately becomes the prime suspect to the disappearance of a woman and a multi-million dollar robbery.

La Plaza Mayor and the Paseo del Prada were among the places in the movie shot in Madrid.

Several keen movie watchers also took note of an error in the movie about Madrid taxis.

“In Madrid, S takes a taxi with a letter W on its side. In Madrid, the letters stand for the weekdays the taxi is off-duty (except for Wednesdays, which is symboled with an X). There are no weekdays spelled with a W in Spain.”- submitted by a user named Sacha in Movie Mistakes

Moulin Rouge

Surprise! Surprise! Although the Oscar-nominated film which starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor was filmed in Sydney, Australia, the director had to pick up shots in Madrid as the film ran out of schedule in Australia to give way for the shoot of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (which by the way also had Ewan McGregor).

The Others

Starring Nicole Kidman, the 2001 psychological horror film was inspired partly from the novel The Turn of the Screw. It was the first English language film to have ever received the Best Film recognition from the Goya Awards, the country’s national film awards. Although most of the film’s exterior was shot in Los Hornillos Palace in Cantabria, Spain, there were still a several scenes taken in Madrid.

Quantum of Solace

This 2008 film which served as the 22nd James Bond film also had some scenes shot in Madrid. Several articles about the film pointed the Royal Opera and the Royal Palace to be among the places in the city where the Bond movie shot.


Madrid isn’t just a place to do vacation; it has also been a favorite hub of Hollywood. The next time you see some scenes in the city in the flick you are watching, you can simply tell yourself, “I can’t blame them…”

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