Salsa and flamenco are two famous forms of entertainment in Madrid that do not just make the nightlife in the city more vibrant but also make its culture more interesting. As you visit the capital of Spain, whether for a short or long vacation, try not to miss doing some salsa moves or catching a flamenco show as this will make your visit to Madrid even more unforgettable.


Salsa is dance accompanied by salsa music. If you are wondering about its etymology, yes, it pretty much has the same meaning of that Spanish word for ‘sauce’; only this case it refers to the flavor and style that allude to the sensual and hot style of the dance. The dance’s music is a fusion of rhythms from several cultures, Cuban, traditional African, and Latin-American.


A spot or slot dance, salsa is so unlike Tango as it doing not require the couples to go around the dance floor; instead, they just have to move on a fixed area. Compared to other dances, salsa does not have any strict rules on how it should be or should not be danced – as long as you do some styles and moves that are distinguishably salsa. Among the common salsa styles are the Los Angeles style, New York style, and the Cuban style. Of the three, the last is most popular one in Madrid.

Salsa is not complicated to learn at all, especially if you already have that innate rhythm in you. However, if you find it hard to follow with the Madrileños in their salsa moves, you can actually enroll yourself in a dance school in the city and learn the basics of the dance by joining dance classes.


Although Flamenco has its origins in the Andalusia, many of the best show venues and schools are found in Madrid. Yep, the Spanish capital.

For those of you who just heard Flamenco for the first time, Flamenco is considered a performing art composed of 3 main elements: singing, dancing, and guitar playing. The show was said to have come from the gypsy communities in southern Spain where the singing expressed the community’s loneliness, sorrow, and suffering. Later in the 19th century, guitar and dance were integrated to make it livelier.

Flamenco in Madrid

There are various ways to enjoy Flamenco in Madrid. One could be in tablaos, where you will sit in a table with drinks and meals served, and enjoy the Flamenco performers perform on a relatively small stage. Because this gives you a more intimate feel of the presentation, expect this to come a bit pricey. Another option to check out a Flamenco performance in the city is through a few bars scattered around town. Although cheaper than those in tablaos, many of these performances are just improvised version of the original Flamenco; although there are still a number which present authentic Flamenco shows.


Entertainment is essential in enjoying a city, and there is no better way to savour Madrid’s offerings than salsa and flamenco.

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