Theaters in Madrid

Performing arts in Madrid is very lively that is why a typical Madrid theater is always buzzing with activities. You have so many choices of theaters in Madrid that can offer different shows and performances.


Insider Tips to Madrid Theater

If you want to discover great cultural presentations, shows and events, all you have to do is to pick up a copy of the publication Guia Del Ocio. This publication is available in all news stands in the city.  All the upcoming performances are listed in Guia Del Ocio.

Ticket prices range from as low as 4 Euros for ordinary shows to as high as 50 Euros for international and special performances. If you want to get a discount, try watching the shows during Wednesdays or during matinee performances on Sundays. You will get as much as 50% ticket discounts watching theater performance on Wednesday and Sundays.

If you do not want to get your ticket at the theater boxes, your hotel concierge can get one for you. However, your theater tickets would be more expensive because the concierges will charge a markup for the tickets.

If you fail to get a ticket at the box because they were sold out already, just contact the Localidades Galicia at Plaza Del Carmen 1. This is a major ticketing office for Madrid’s theater performances, bullfights, and other events. The tickets however will have a considerable markup.


Mainstream and Alternative Theaters

Madrid theater groups come in two varieties: the mainstream theater which offers classical and contemporary shows and plays. The alternative theater groups on the other hand offer unorthodox and esoteric performances.

If you have children with you while in Madrid, you can watch children’s plays at the Sala la Bicicleta at Casa de Campo. If you want to watch a free performance, you can wait for a presentation in one of Madrid’s churches.


English Language Theaters

Almost all theater shows in Madrid are in Spanish.  So you might need to brush up on your Spanish skills to enjoy the performances.  However, the Guia Del Ocio always has a listing for English-language plays.

You can also follow the performances of Madrid Players.  This is a Madrid theater group composed of American, English, and Spanish troupes. Its shows and performances are also listed in the Guía Del Ocio so you can easily follow this troupe when you visit Madrid. The Madrid Players normally mount their performances in one of the alternative theaters of the city.

Here are some theaters to visit in the city:

  • La Escalera de Jacob (Address: CalleLavapies 9/ Phone: 64-942-32-54)
  • Teatro Lara (Address: Corredera Baja de San Pablo 15/Phone: 91-523-90-27)
  • Teatro Alfil (Address: Calle del Pez 10/Phone: 91-521-45-41)
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