Sports in Madrid

Madrid is not just a place of fashion, great shops or busy markets. You may not know it but Madrid is also a place of sports.

Madrid sports are among the most sought after in this Spanish city. In fact, Madrid has applied to host the 2012 Olympics.

Many Madrid sports can surely take your breath away with the simple cheering only. But enjoying these sports event should be partnered with enough knowledge.


Madrid is soccer’s number one fan. If you like soccer too, then visiting this city is not a mistake.

Join almost 300,000 soccer fans from all over Spain and other countries during the weekends to watch the Primera Division, also known as the First Division. This happens from September to May.

The Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid will surely make you feel the adrenaline rush.

 Better purchase your tickets in advance if you will watch any of these two major soccer teams since tickets are usually sold out early. You can buy tickets from the clubs or other registered ticket stores.

Never purchase your ticket from Puerta del Sol in the Calle de la Victoria because tickets here are sold more expensive.

You can take the Santiago Bernabeu to get to the Real Madrid club. Ride for the Pirámides metro station to get to the Atlético Madrid.


Baloncesto: Madrid Basketball

Second to the most famous Madrid sports is the basketball. Do you want to watch how Spanish people dunk that ball to the ring? Just choose among the common basketball venues.

Watch basketball at the Palacio de Deportes is located in the Calles Jorge Juan. You can also watch at the Polideportivo Magariños in the Paseo de la Castellana. Deportiva Real Madrid is also a great choice if you’re near the Calle Serrano.


La Tauromaquia: Madrid Bullfighting

Madrid is known as the international capital of bullfighting. And if you love seeing bulls being tortured to death, better be at the Plaza de Toros Monumental de Las Ventas. You will be given the chance to join 23,000 spectators of this Madrid sports.

Ticket price for this event depends on the seat you want. The cheapest are in the Sol seat. But this is the most inconvenient also.

The most expensive but most convenient seats are in the Sombre seats.

You can purchase La Tauromaquia tickets from the different ticket offices located in the Calle de la Victoria. Make sure to reserve tickets in advance or you might be left with the Sol seats only.

Summer is the best bullfighting season. A game happens every Sunday afternoon. But the most important bullfighting event begins in the middle of May.

These are just three of the Madrid sports you can enjoy while visiting the Spanish city. You might also enjoy watching horse racing, basque ball game, athletics, dog racing, motor racing, skiing, fishing, and hunting in Madrid.

Just name your favorite sports and Madrid sports surely have something to give you.

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