Shopping in Madrid

Aside from the historical places and nice people, Madrid is also a place for shopaholic people. Madrid shops allow you to enjoy shopping while enjoying the best value for your money. When you happen to be here, never forget to visit the various famous Madrid shops.


Getting Acquainted with Madrid Shopping Areas

There are certain points in Madrid known to be shopaholic-friendly. Below are some of them:

•  Central Madrid. Just walk around the Madrid’s center and you can already see a lot of interesting things worth buying.

Try the Calles Preciados, Montera, or Puerta del Sol. Many department stores, bargain basements, and specialty shops are waiting for your attention.

Better be at the Calle Mayor, Plaza Mayor, and Arenal if you’re looking for some antique and art pieces. If not, be at the Mercado de Puerta de Toledo and enjoy the over 140 Madrid shops there.

Shopping for fashion is best in the Gran Via. You can find other fashion outlets nearby like the Conde de Xiquena, Orellana, Argensola, Calle de Genova, and Calle Almirante.

•    Arquelles y Bulevares. Enjoy a lot of Madrid book shops here, especially in the Calle Alberto Aguilera. You might also like the department store El Corte Ingles.

For varied choices, you can go to the streets Plaza de España, Martin de los Heros, and Calles de la Princesa.

•    Salamanca. When it comes to Madrid shops, Salamanca is perhaps the most famous among tourists. Some of the city’s largest, best, and most famous stores can be found in this area.

Serious shoppers can enjoy a variety of Madrid shops in different streets like Velazquez, Lagasca, Coello, and Claudio.


Trimming Shopping Choices with Madrid Specialty Stores

Being a buyer of specific items is not that hard in Madrid. There are Madrid shops selling special products for easy choosing and buying. Here are some of the specialty stores you can find in Madrid:

  • Antiques or Antiguedades – Arqueomania (Address: Manzanares el Real/Phone: 91-853-90-83).
  •  Haberdashery or Merceria – La Ciudad de Plata (Address: Calle de Gerona 2/ Phone: 91-366-44-61)or AmparaMerceria (Address: Marques Viudo de Pontejos 5/ Phone: 91-521-98-08).
  • Cakes and Sweets – Confitero Salinas (Address: Alcala de Henares/ Phone: 91-888-15-22), La Violeta(Address: Plaza de Canalejas 6/ Phone: 91-522-55-22), Antigua Pasteleria del Pozo(Address: CallePozo 8/ Phone: 91-522-38-94), La Duquesita (Address: Fernando VI 2/ Phone: 91-308-02-31), El Riojano (Address: Calle Mayor 10/ Phone: 91-366-44-82), Monasterio de Corpus Christi (Address: Plazuela del Conde de Miranda 3/ Phone: 91-548-37-01), Cacao Sampaka (Address: Calle de Orellana 4/ Phone: 91-319-58-40), La Pajarita (Address: Calle de Villanueva 14/ Phone: 91-435-74-54), and Moulin Chocolat (Address: Calle de Alcala 77/ Phone: 91-431-81-45).
  • Capes – Seseña (Address: Calle Cruz 23/ Phone: 91-531-68-40).
  • Wines – Mariano Madrueño (Address:Postigo de San Martin 3/ Phone: 91-521-19-55).
  • Postcards – Casa Postal (Address: Calle Libertad 37/ Phone: 91-532-70-37).
  • Spanish Bookshops – Libreria San Gines (Address: Pasadizo de San Gines 2/ Phone: 91-366-46-86) or Libreria Fernando Contreras (Address: Calle de Santiago 9/ Phone: 91-542-82-79).
  • Hats – La Favorita (Address: Plaza Mayor 25/ Phone: 91-366-58-77).
  • Flamenco – (Address: 62 Street, Madrid/ Phone: 91-758-03-65) or Don Flamenco (Address: Calledel Leon 17/ Phone: 91-429-98-39) .
  • Fans and other Crafts – Romero Diaz (Address: Calle Jorge Juan 64/ Phone: 91-575-61-78), Puerto De Diego (Address: Puertadel Sol 12/ Phone: 91-522-66-43), Jose Ramirez(Address: Calle de la Paz 8/ Phone: 91-531-42-29), or Casa Jimenez (Address: Calle de Preciados 42/ Phone: 91-548-05-26).
  • Ceramics – Antiqua Casa de Tavalera (Address: Calle de Isabel ‘La Catolica’ 2/ Phone: 91-547-34-17).

Whatever piece of products you are looking for, there are surely some Madrid shops to answer your needs. So start picking among these stores and plan your shopping experience in Madrid.

Finding the best shops in Madrid

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