Fashion in Madrid

As a fashion-inclined city, there’s no way that you cannot show your own sense of fashion with the rich availability of fashion apparels in Madrid. You can always choose from the different shopping malls in the heart of the city for a more convenient manner while on travel. Until now, Madrid is still on its clincher round between Barcelona as of being the fashion capital of Spain.

Meanwhile, if you prefer buying clothes designed by famous fashion designers in Madrid, you can always go to the nearest exclusive fashion boutiques in the city. Some of the most shopped stores for fashion are:

Bershka (Address: Calle de Preciados 20/Phone: 91-532-20-14) wherein you can choose many hippy clothes to shop. This would highly fit you if you are a young traveller. If shoes is your concern, go to Camper (Address: Calle Serrano 24/Phone: 91-319-88-06), Madrid’s best-seller of nicely made and well-priced shoes which you’ll truly love to wear. For accessories and other fashion apparels, Kala boutique is best for you, offering lots of eclectic jewelry collections and hats. You can also visit Zara Shop (Address: Fuencarral 126-128 /Phone: 91-445-89-26) if you want to achieve such high, classy and smart street fashion for both men and women.

Before shopping to any fashion boutiques and stores, check your budget first for a more convenient selection of fashion apparels and stuff.

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