Clubs in Madrid+

If you’re in the mood for a party, there are hundreds of Madrid clubs for you to choose from. You should at least get in one of these clubs to check out exactly how people party in this side of Spain.

The city is bustling with party goers. So, you should join the fun and join the party. Remember to check out the dress code though.

Palacio Gaviria (Address: Arenal 9/ Phone: 91-526-60-69/ Hours: Monday-Friday 9pm-3am, Saturday and Sunday 9pm-5am)

If you want to go into one of the slickest clubs, you should party at the Palacio Gaviria. Lavishly designed in 16th century style complete with a sweeping staircase, you would have several rooms for entertainment to explore. There are two dance floors and several types of music are played within the club. So it’s definitely a party every night. Going there on a Thursday is a great way for meeting people.

Joy (Address: Arenal 11/ Phone: 91-366-37-33/ Hours: Daily 11:30pm-6:30am)

Among other clubs, Joy is popular across Europe. Because of its central location you will certainly not miss this club. It’s not a wonder why it’s so popular with tourists too. So if you love popular dance music, this is the club you should be in.

Pacha (Address:Barcelo 11/Phone: 91-447-01-28/ Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11pm-5am)

If you want glitz and glamour, go to Pacha. Pacha clubs are located all around the world. But if you are in Madrid you should definitely party there. Different dance music is featured every night so you should go there when the music of your choice is being featured.

Kapital (Address: Atocha 125/ Phone: 91-420-29-06/ Hours: Thursday-Sunday 11:30pm-5:30am)

If you really want to dance the whole night, go to Kapital where three different types of music are played simultaneously every night. This club has 7 floors so you’ll definitely have blast partying and dancing.

El Sol (Address: CalleJardines 3/ Phone: 91-532-64-90/ Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12am-5:30am)

If you love funky music, the 70s music and bossanova sounds, El Sol is the club for you. Although there is no dress code here, people come here looking cool so it is best to bring your cool self as well.

Moma (Address: Calle Jose Abascal/ Phone: 91-399-09-00/ Hours: Thursday to Saturday and Sunday 12:30am-6:30am)

Now if you want to be with the posh crowd, you should head to Calle Jose Abascal. Enjoy the mix of pop and house music while inside the stylishly decorated interiors. This club certainly is one of the coolest Madrid clubs so expect to pay a premium when you buy your drinks.

Macumba (Address: Plaza de la Estacion de Chamartin/Phone: 91-733-35-05/ Hours: Thursday and Friday 11pm-7am, Saturday 10:30pm-7am and Sunday 10am-12am)

When it comes to the best lighting, your choice would be Macumba. You’ll see various types of performers here and the party just doesn’t stop. The club generally stays open as long as there are still some party goers enjoying the house music. This is only a weekend party place though since they only open from Fridays to Sundays.

Many more Madrid clubs offer their own kind of party. For sure, if you just take your time to explore the city you will find your own favorite club here.

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