Flamenco in Madrid

Madrid Flamenco is one of the most sought after entertainment. When you are in Madrid, you should make sure you see one flamenco show in order to get a real taste of the Madrid culture. You will be entertained and amazed by the traditional Madrid music, dance and culture.

You will definitely get a chance to see a Madrid flamenco show because it is seen in many venues. But if you want to see it in one of the most prestigious venues, you have to pre-book early to reserve a seat. Of course, such venues would also be more expensive. Nevertheless, they also give quality performances.



Located at the Calle Capitan Haya, this venue is located in the northern part of Madrid. Aside from the show itself, you would surely enjoy the decorations that you will see there. While watching the Madrid flamenco, you can sample some Andalucia dishes. You can order some cold tapas and drink some fino or manzanilla wines. Madrid flamenco shows there start at 9:30 pm so you should be there before then.


Café de Chinitas

You will especially appreciate the palatial location of Café de Chinitas. If you want to witness the most mythic Madrid flamenco experience Café de Chinitas is the place to go to. Showcasing the best flamenco artists, you will really enjoy drinking your sobrasada al vino tinto and eating the dishes served there during the flamenco show. Madrid flamenco shows there start at 10:30 pm. And they could last even until morning.


Centro El Lucero

In Centro El Lucero besides enjoying flamenco shows in a warm and intimate environment you can learn to dance it. They offer flamenco classes in the centre of Madrid with some of the most important artists in the country, and shows every Saturday.


Casa Patas

The show at the Casa Patas is one of the best so it’s certainly one of your best options for a Madrid flamenco show. The food is great in Casa Patas too so you’ll definitely have a good time there. You can order some chuletas de cordero lechal or suckling lamb steaks. You can also order the traditional rabo de toro or bull’s tail. If you want something a bit lighter they have a wide selection of hams and cheeses too.


Other Madrid Flamenco Show Venues

Among the other most popular venues you can pick from are Corral de la Moreria, Corral de la Pacheca, Tablao las Carboneras, Torres Bermejas and Las Tablas. You may also head to some bars to watch a Madrid flamenco show. Among your choices are Arco de Cuchilleros, Candela, La Solea, Clan and Peña Flamenca Chaqueton.

So you can definitely shoot two birds in one stone while watching a Madrid flamenco show. You get a taste of the city culture while you sample many of the Madrid traditional drinks and dishes. But food and drinks during the shows are generally more expensive. So if you want to save, you should eat dinner before heading to the show. The show usually does not start until around ten in the evening anyway.

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