Music in Madrid

Madrid is also known as a place for all music lovers because of wide varieties of music that you can listen here. Examples of Madrid music that you will surely enjoy whether you are an avid or average music lover include jazz, opera, and flamenco. Doesn’t sounds interesting? If you think these things excite you to visit this city, you may read on the following information provided below where you can locate for the best spots to listen these types of music.


Jazz Music in Madrid

Jazz is one type of music that you can commonly hear in Madrid—both in bars and clubs. Here, you can witness the performances of legendary and amateur performers to play such tune. It is even certain that even if you are not really an aficionado of jazz lover, once you listen to this music being played here in Madrid it’s impossible that you are not going to experience a magnificent entertainment.

If you want to listen to jazz during your stay here in Madrid, you may come in Las Huertas where you can find both jazz and blues. This place is an outstanding street at night and is packed with people; so, you are sure to enjoy. You can easily locate this place if ever since it is very central.


Opera Music in Madrid

Opera is another prided Madrid music that’s why Opera fans love this place. If you haven’t experience to witness opera yet; then, it’s awesome for you to catch your maiden opera experience in this city. There are three main operas that you can go to in this place and one of which is Teatro de la Zarzuela.

Opera here in Madrid will amaze you—that’s for certain. One reason is because of their unique type of opera known as zarzuela. Also take note, opera shows here change regularly so you have to verify directly at the theater or through a tourist information service the current flow of opera shows.


Flamenco Music in Madrid

Madrid now is already synonymous to flamenco. When you watch flamenco presentation in this city, you can expect to see biggest artists as well who are also attracted to watch this presentation. Apart from bars, you can also catch flamenco performance during festivals here in Madrid.

Many of these flamenco presentations are surprisingly amazing. The common comment you can hear from people who have just watched flamenco is their spontaneity. If you want to prove this, you can come to Chinitas; this is a venue that presents flamenco for the entire days of the week except during Sunday.

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