Madrid for Free

Madrid for Free

The good thing about going to Madrid is you can actually tour the city for free. Without spending so much on entrance fees, you will get a feel of the History and culture and see how life is in the city.

Here’s a suggested route you can follow on your Madrid city adventure. You can choose to take a 90 minute tour in Madrid for free. You can also tour the city for several hours without spending so much. You only have to schedule everything in advance.

Where to Start

You could start your tour at the Plaza de Oriente and enjoy the sights you pass by. It is located near the Royal Palace and the opera house so you will certainly see these buildings during your stroll. Then you could turn south of Calle Bailen and head to the Cathedral Almudena. You could choose to take a stop and say a prayer or two at the cathedral or continue on and turn left to Calle Mayor.

Along Calle Mayor you will be able to spot the Casa de la Villa where the municipal government takes office. There you will see the monument of Alvaro de Bazan, the admiral responsible for planning the Armada.

Of course, you will likely pass the Plaza de la Villa too. You will also eventually get to Plaza Mayor. At the center, you will see the statue of Philip III on horseback. Plaza Mayor also usually hosts several bullfights, soccer games and markets so there are plenty of events to see there.


After Plaza Mayor

When you feel it’s time to move on, go back to Calle Mayor and continue your stroll to Puerta del Sol. Then you can take Calle Alcala to continue on to find Plaza Cibeles. There you will see the Palace of Communication and the Casa de America all around you. The Army building is also near you and the Banco de España as well. You might also want to wander into the gardens.

Now it’s time to turn right to Paseo del Prado. Just keep going until you get to Atocha and wander into the Palm Gardens near the train station. Hopefully, it’s just in time for lunch. Rest a bit and get the lunch of your choice.


After Lunch

Wait until 2:30 pm and head to the Reina Sofia Museum when admission is free at this time. Explore the whole museum and get a taste of History and culture around the museum for an hour or two.

After that if you’re still up for it you can choose to walk along Paseo del Prado again until you reach the Archaeological Museum. If it’s a Sunday, the Prado Museum is also free. You can make time to see the world-class European artwork there too.

You could also take some time to stroll or relax at the Retiro Park. You would certainly love the gardens and the whole landscape of the park. The structures in the park are also something you would have to see. There’s also a book fair on Sundays. Free concerts are also held near the Calle de Alcala entrance of the park.

So you can really have a fun-filled day in the city for free. You get a chance to see what it feels like to be in Madrid and you will definitely have something to remember and talk about when you go back home.

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