Madrid restaurants you should visit

Madrid restaurants serve some of the finest European food that you can ever taste. And so, if you have penchant in trying every cuisine highly recommended by the places you visit like Madrid, then you will not be disappointed in Madrid restaurants and the Spanish food that they serve.

These are some of the highly recommended restaurants in Madrid based on their prices:


  • Automatico (Address: Argumosa 17, Lavapies/Phone:91-530-99-21/Cuisine Type: Tapas (Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Bazaar (Address: Calle Libertad 21, Chueca/Phone:91-523-39-05/Cuisine Type: Mediterranean)
  • Café del Circulo de BellasArtes (Address: Calle Alcala 42, CNear Plaza de la Cibeles/Phone:91-360-54-00/Cuisine Type: Castilian(Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Fast Food Madrid (Adress: Calle Padre Damian 23, Chamartin/Phone:91-343-06-55/Cuisine Type: Fusion/Eclectic)
  • Iroco (Address: Calle Velazquez 18, Retiro/Salamanca/Phone:91-431-73-81/Cuisine Type: International)


  • Casa Paco  (Address: Plaza PuertaCerrada 11/ Phone: 91-366-31-66/Cuisine Type:Steak)
  • Gran Café de Gijon (Address: Paseo de Recoletos 21/ Phone:91-521-54-25 /Cuisine Type: Spanish)
  • La Cava Real (Address: CalleEspronceda 34/ Phone:91-442-54-32/Cuisine Type: French, Basque)
  • Los Galayos (Address: CalleBotoneras 5/ Phone: 91-366-30-28/Cuisine Type: Spanish)
  • Sobrino de Botin (Address: Calle de Cuchilleros 17/Phone: 91-366-30-26, 91-366-42-17/Cuisine Type: Spanish Portuguese)


  • Asiana (Address: Travesia de San Mateo 4/Phone: 91-310-09-65 /Cuisine Type: Eclectic/Asian Fusion)
  • Jockey (Address: Amador de los Rios 6/Phone: 91-319-24-35/Cuisine Type: International)
  • La Terraza del Casino (Address: Alcala 15/Phone: 91-521-87-00/Cuisine Type: Spanish/Portuguese)
  • La Broche (Address: Miguel Angel 29-31/Phone: 91-399-34-37/Cuisine Type: Spanish, Catalan/Portuguese)
  • Zalacain (Address: Alvarez de Baena 4/Phone: 91-561-48-40/Cuisine Type: Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Santceloni (Address: Paseo de la Castellana 57/Phone: 91-210-88-40/Cuisine Type: Meditteranean)



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