Food in Madrid

When a person travels to Madrid, he immediately thinks of the beautiful spots that he can explore in this place apart from reflecting on the culture of the people here. If you are soon to fly into this place also there is an additional thing that you should note—the Spanish food. Isn’t thrilling to discover the taste of the Spaniards when it comes to food?


The Cuisines of Madrid: An Overview

Madrid is considered as the melting pot for the cuisines all across the peninsula. Sometimes, gourmets are seen to argue whether there is really an existing Madrid cuisine or not. Well, if you are coming in this place, you need to be aware that this city has developed its gastronomy already through the contributions of the Asturians, Andalusians, Galicians, and other immigrants who have settled in this place.


The Contemporary Cuisines of Madrid

There are actually a lot of recipes and dishes that are considered as typical of Madrid. One of these is the Cocido Madrileño, a stew mixing chickpeas with vegetables and pork, beef, and chicken—this is turned as a huge luscious meal that can truly satisfy your taste. Another typical Spanish food is Callos also known as tripe; you can commonly see this in many prominent restaurants here in Madrid.

Of course, you should not forget to taste the garlic soup called as Sopa de Ajo, Tortilla de Patatas or potato omelette, and caracoles or snails. Most especially, you should not go home if you haven’t tasted the Spanish popular recipe of Besugo al horno or baked bream.


Spanish Dessert and Special Delicacy

Of course, who would not love to have dessert? When you are here in Madrid, you can enjoy the taste of their dessert such as the bartolillos con crema (a small pie with custard), mazapan or marzipan, torrijas (a kind of French toast).

Definitely, your tour in Madrid will never be completed if you will fail to taste tapa. Tapa is the old gastronomic tradition in Madrid so you can find it in almost any establishments that specialize in serving this food.


The Spanish Drink to Match Spanish Food

A meal will never be fulfilling without a fine-tasting drink. So, you have to match your Spanish food with luscious drink such as a small glass of fine-tasting wine or beer. You can discover more Spanish dishes and drinks once you come here in Madrid already—take time to taste the best of them.

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