Dining in Madrid

Are you aware that the great eating places in Madrid do not really need to be expensive? All you have to do is have the right information as to where are you going to find the fine Madrid dining that cannot hurt your purse since restaurants and tapas bars here really require a high cost. To discover the best places where you can eat as you visit Madrid at the price that will match your budget, you need to spend some time reading worthy materials like this.


Lists of Fine Dining in Madrid

If you are looking for a restaurant to offer a delightful taste of foods, you should find the Restaurant Botin (Address: Off Plaza Mayor / Phone: 91-336-30-26, 91-336-42-17)—one of the so-called “must stop” restaurants. Here, numerous presidents and prime ministers including Hollywood celebrities have been seen to eat already.

However, even though Restaurant Botin is known by many it does not directly mean that this is the finest dining. There is also Casa Lucio (Address: Off Plaza Mayor / Phone: 91-365-32-52), which is located a few distances from Calle Cuchilleros, that is also claimed to offer fine-tasting foods. You have to book in advance if you want to eat here though; but it’s all worth it because it’s a great experience to taste their prided specialty—Huevos estrellados—chips matched with fried eggs as toppings.


High-end dining

If you are truly searching for the real Spain delicacy, you should go to tapas bars here in Madrid such as Lizzaran (Address: 14 Plaça de la Independencia / Phone: 97-221-81-50), which are offered in almost any district in the city. Here, you will be offered with self-service tapas and drinks. You are free to take tapas from the display of the bar and you will pay them after based on the number of wooden sticks you have on your dish.

You can also look for the Cafe the Oriente (Address: near Puerta del Sol / Phone: 91-547-15-64), which is located in front of the Royal Palace. When you get here, you will not solely love the taste of foods but also the view of the place as you stand in the best terrace here in Madrid. Other high quality Madrid dining that you can visit are El Amparo (Address: at corner of Jorge Juan, Retiro/Salamanca/ Phone: 91-431-64-56), Portobello (Address: Calle Capitan Haya, 55/ Phone: 915-79-52-70), Asador Donostiarra (Address: Calle de la Infanta Mercedes / Phone: 915-79-08-71), and Lhardy (Address: near Puerta del Sol / Phone: 91-521-33-85).

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