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Cultural centers in Madrid

The city of Madrid is brimming with exquisite artistic creations and rich cultural heritage. So don’t be surprised if you can find several Madrid cultural centers in and around the city.

Cultural centers in Madrid are not just places for art expositions.  These arts and culture centers can also teach everything about the deep artistic traditions of the Spanish people.  You can also get valuable art lessons through the workshops conducted by Spanish artists.

So while you are in Spain, you should visit the following centers so you can get a taste of classical and contemporary Spanish art and culture.


The Circle of Fine Arts

The Circle of Fine Arts, which is officially known as Circulo de Bellas Artes (Address: Calle Alcala 42/ Phone: 91-360-54-00) is the oldest cultural center in Madrid. You can watch a movie here, attend art expositions, see art galleries, and enjoy the calm ambiance of its café.

You can also enjoy the rich literary traditions of Madrid by visiting the Circulo’s library Most of Madrid’s big art events are hosted by the Circulo so a visit to this cultural center will be a wonderful experience.

You can find the Circulo at Calle Alcala. The majestic building of the cultural center sits between Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Cibeles.


Matadero Madrid Cultural Center

Matadero (Address: Paseo de la Chopera 14/ Phone: 91-517-73-09) is one of the newest Madrid cultural centers.  You can enjoy contemporary Spanish art in this newly established cultural center.

The Matadero cultural center was a former slaughterhouse.  Today, you can enjoy its sprawling spaces where you can find facilities for filmmakers, visual artists, digital artists, galleries, and place for fashion designers.

The Islamic Cultural Center (Address: Salvador de Madriaga 4/ Phone: 91-326-26-10)

Madrid has a proud heritage mainly influenced by Islamic culture. That is why you can find the biggest Islamic cultural institution in Madrid which is the Islamic Cultural Center.

When you visit the Islamic center, you will be able to enjoy its rich collection of medieval and contemporary art on display in its museum.  You can also learn the rich influence of the East on Spain by reading the great book collections of the center’s library.

You can also attend symposia, language lessons, and cultural lessons which are hosted by the center regularly.


You will certainly have a great time visiting Madrid cultural centers. Madrid is very proud of its cultural heritage and you can learn a lot from its rich traditions through its lavish Madrid cultural centers and institutions.

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