Movies in Madrid

Movies in Madrid

Madrid Cinema can offer you great entertainment.  Watching classical and contemporary films at one of the several movie houses in Madrid can be a very enjoyable experience.


Madrid movies however are usually dubbed in Spanish

So if you are going to watch a movie in Madrid, it is best if you have a functional knowledge of the Spanish language.

But Madrid is one of the international centers of film art so it would not be too difficult for you to find international movies in the city.


English Language and International Movies

You can enjoy English language movies in Madrid especially at Alphaville and Princesa.  These are the movie houses that can offer international contemporary films in English.  The films in these movie houses have Spanish subtitles so you will be able to brush up your Spanish skills also when watching movies at Alphaville and Princesa.

You can also watch original version international movies with Spanish subtitles in special movie houses in Madrid.  So you can watch French films in French but with Spanish subtitles.  The same goes if you watch Chinese, Arabic, or Bollywood movies.

The movie houses retain the original languages of international films and just add subtitles in Spanish.  You can easily spot if a movie is not dubbed in Spanish because the billboards of the films will be marked with a VO sign which means original version.


Watching Cult and Artsy Madrid Movies on a Budget

If you are on a lean travel budget but you want to enjoy artsy films in Madrid, the National Film Center can offer you excellent cult and classical movies.

You can find the National Film Center at Calle Santa Isabel.  It has an imposing classical structure and regularly shows international classic artsy films with Spanish subtitles.

The cost of the movie ticket at the Film Center is just 2.50 Euros which is 50% cheaper than regular movie tickets. You can watch cult movies at the Film Center from 4pm to 12 midnight.

You can easily reach the old building of the Film Center by taking the Metro and getting off at Anton Martin station.


Perfect Days for Movie Time

You can truly enjoy Madrid movies on Wednesdays and Sundays. During Wednesday, movie houses declare a viewer’s day and tickets are cheaper. Sunday on the other hand is Madrid’s movie day and lots of movie goers are out in droves.  So this is the perfect day to find new Spanish friends who share your interests in Madrid movies.

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