Cinemas in Madrid

You will love Madrid if you are a movie buff. Cinema literally dot the city especially in the downtown area such as the Gran Via, Glorieta de Bilbao, and Plaza de España.

Some cinema in Madrid are remodeled theater houses so you will enjoy classical ambiance in these movie houses.  Majority of movie theaters however are new structures with large projection screens and state of the art surround audio systems.


Movie Listings

To find accurate movie listings in Madrid, simply buy a daily newspaper to see updated movie schedules and special screenings. There are online movie listings but sometimes websites of movie houses are not updated so you might not get accurate schedules.

When you are in Madrid, always check the movie houses on Fridays to see new film releases.  Films are released on Fridays and screenings will last only for one week.


Madrid Cinema Schedules

You can watch movies in Madrid starting from 4 o’clock in the afternoon until 10 in the evening.  These are for weekday movie schedules.  On weekends, you can catch a final screening that will usually start at 12 midnight.

You will be able to watch 4 screenings everyday but during Saturdays and Sundays you can stay in movie houses until the wee hours of the morning.  If there are special screenings and festivals, Madrid cinemas usually start earlier that their normal schedules.


Ticket Prices

You can enjoy watching movies in Madrid because tickets are reasonably priced.  On a typical day, you can buy movie tickets for as low as 6 Euros.  However, you can still get ticket discounts during viewer’s day in Madrid.

Usually, viewer’s day falls on Wednesdays. So keep your schedules open during this day of the week because you can get as much as 50% ticket discounts from movie houses.  During special holidays in Madrid, you can also enjoy considerably cheaper ticket prices.


Where to Get Your Tickets

The best thing you can do is to buy your tickets at movie houses which have automated ticketing machines.  However, you can buy a ticket over the phone or through online ticketing which would be more convenient but could be a little expensive.  Almost all movie houses in Madrid can offer virtual tickets for you.

Madrid is a perfect place for movie lovers. You can enjoy watching films at classical or modern Madrid movie theaters everyday at a very reasonable price.

Some of the famous cinemas in the city are:

  • Golem (Address: Martin de los Heros 14/Phone: 91-559-38-36)
  • Cine Dore (Filmoteca) (Address: Santa Isabel 3/ Phone: 91-369-11-25)
  • Cines Verdi (Address: Bravo Murillo 28/Phone: 91-447-39-30)
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