Saint Valentine’s Day

Wherever you go around this world, if you ask someone what he or she can associate with February 14, the most probable answer that you can get is that: it is the day made for lovers or the day when people show their love or anything that is connected with Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine’s Day (also known as Valentine’s Day), is an annual celebration held every fourteenth day of February in Madrid and probably all over the world. On this day, lovers traditional express their love and affection by giving of gifts, chocolates, bouquets of flower (which are mostly roses or tulips), and sending love letters or greeting cards (known as valentine).

Unfortunately, the man behind this day has been forgotten on his own feast day. In Madrid, only few people visit the Church of St. Anton, where allegedly house his skeleton on a side altar in a glass-fronted baroque case. Who is the man behind Valentine Day? There are various legends regarding the history of St. Valentine. But like most festivals in Madrid, St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated to commemorate a beloved Saint. St. Valentine is one or more early Christian martyrs that were established by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD. Even though his feast was deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints by Pope Paul VI in 1969, people around the world continued to celebrate this day for lovers and friends to express their love for each other. And one of the most well – known cities that celebrate this merry event is the city of Madrid.

Saint Valentine’s Day or El Dia de San Valentin for Madrileños and other Spanish speaking cities is a festival that you well surely love if you’re in Madrid. Aside from the traditional way of expressing their affection, Madrilleño offer other activities that lovers and friends can enjoy. From the first week of February till the end of this month, shops in this city and around Spain decorate their shop in a festive look with Valentine’s Day as their theme. On the very day of the festival, you can enjoy choosing and shopping traditional clothes for men and women in different shops, going to different dance clubs or having a romantic dinner in the city’s stunning site that makes the occasion more wonderful.


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